IT Revolution in India...

Good or Bad Impact on Women?

IT revolution in India

Information technology (IT) saturated American business in the 1990s, and countless new companies sprang up around Internet applications. In response, economic development officials across the country have tried to catch the "tech" wave by stimulating the growth of high technology companies and "clusters."

In India there are plenty of workers willing to go to school and get an education to become IT workers. This is because when you are an IT worker, you most likely have a better life than others. A better lifestyle, more independance and most immportantly, more money.

Meena Kumar

For Meena Kumar the IT revolution has saved her a lot of painful decisions. Now she can live in an apartment WITHOUT her parents constantly near. She can decide who her boyfriends are instead of her parents setting up an arranged marriage when they don't have enough to keep her around anymore. The best thing she says is that she has extra money to do fun things. She can get herself new, trendy looks and she can have things she wants, instead of just things she needs.

I think that the IT revolution has had a GREAT impact on women. What do you think?