Analyzing Abstract Concepts

Joi benton

Denotation, Connotation, & Association

  • The denotation of the word PREJUDICE is a preconceived opinion that is not based on facts, or experience.
  • Connotation of the word PREJUDICE: Less of a person
  • Association with the word PREJUDICE are words such as bigot, and unintelligent
  • The denotation of the word COURAGE is the ability to do something that frightens someone
  • Connotation of the word COURAGE: strong
  • Association with the word COURAGE: faith
  • The denotation of the word OBLIGATION is: an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound
  • Connotation of the word OBLIGATION: dutiful
  • Association with the word OBLIGATION: job, duty
  • The denotation of the word INJUSTICE is lack of fairness or justice.
  • Connotation of the word INJUSTICE: unworthy
  • Association with INJUSTICE: Court Trials

Meaning of the words to me...

  • Prejudice to me is when people make you another statistic based off what they think when they first see you. They're basically judging you off of uneducated facts from what they personally think about you or "your kind", which is very moronic. To me being prejudice runs in the same boat as being racist, only racism is a little bit worse than being prejudice.
  • Courage to me is when you have the faith to do something you never thought you could do. Not only is it something you never thought you could do, it's something nobody else thinks they can do. When you have courage it gives you strength, and makes you feel like you can do anything in the world.
  • Obligation to me is your job, or your duty to do whatever you feel like is for you. Whether it's your schoolwork, your actual job, or just something in your community, if you feel obligated to do it, then you're going to do it no matter what.
  • Injustice to me is what happens in court when the jury, or the judge doesn't feel like you're worthy enough for the proper justice. It seems to me that it only happens when it's race against race, usually a white mans word against a black mans word, but it can happen to any race. Injustice to me doesn't make me feel like the law is a safe place to go when you get in trouble, so that's why I try to stay out of trouble as much a I can.

Concept of these words in To Kill A Mockingbird.

  • In chapter two of "To Kill A Mockingbird" we see the kids being prejudice towards Ms. Caroline when they first walk in the class. They start to make conclusions based off of how she was dressed and the way she talked. They judge her when they realized where she was from, and when she started to change the way of teaching at the school
  • In chapter 11 of "To Kill a Mockingbird" we see that Jem had the courage to do what most kids, nor adults would do: Stand up for himself and his family, destroy the yard of Mrs. Dubose, then turn around and have to read to her for his punishment. This was a courageous act of him, because Scout was afraid to even come in contact with her, let alone go inside her house, but Jem did it, with Scout by his side of course, and wasn't afraid at all
  • In ¨To Kill A Mockingbird¨ we see that Atticus is very obligated to this trial with Tom Robinson. He's dedicated to the case no matter what others think about him, or what they say about him. We see him leave his house and the kids sometimes due to the case, because he feels that this case is his obligation.
  • In "To Kill A Mockingbird" we see injustice with the Tom Robinson trial against him and the Ewell's. We could see the Tom was telling the truth, through his body language, the way he spoke, and the story just made complete sense. But the jury ruled in favor of the Ewell's anyway since they were white, and Tom was black.

Concept of these words in today's society...

  • In our society everyday, especially nowadays, we see people being prejudice against those who are from Arabic countries, and even those who practice muslimic faith. People automatically assume that they are terrorist, and proceed to associate them with Al Qaeda, and 9/11.
  • In our society today, we saw a very very very courageous act from those apart of the LGBT community when the government legalized gay marriage. This let all types of people "stop hiding their sexuality" and "come out the closet", which takes lots of courage to do since being gay is heavily frowned upon.
  • In our society today we see obligation in a bunch of different ways. People have different obligations from their jobs, or to do things that aren't even their jobs. Doctors, Lawyers, Policemen, Firefighters, Teachers and other professions in today's society are all obligated to do their job, to make the society better in some way.
  • In our society today we see lots of injustice when it comes to the court cases against the police officers shot different innocent black guys without a specific reason. In every trial, the officer got off, even with all the evidence that showed those guys were not doing anything to harm the officers in any way. I think two of the cases did indict the officer, but in most of them they didn't, which is a big case of injustice.

Prejudice in a picture...

In this picture we see exactly what I was describing in the previous statement. As the girl who is walking down the hallway with a turban on, you can see her peers looking at her with a mean look, and most likely assuming bad things about her. Since she does look Arabian, they are probably doing what most people do in situations like these: Thinking that she's a terrorist, or has the mindset of a terrorist which makes them scared, but not only them, her too.

Courage in a picture...

In this picture, you can see a lady running a mountain, but she doesn't have legs. She's running with prosthetic devices on her legs, which takes an extraordinary amount of courage to do, being that it's some who probably doubted she could do it. This is also courageous because most people in her situation would be afraid of running a mountain, and especially with a prosthetic, but the lady overcame her fears, and did it anyway.