George Washington High School

Eagles ARISE - January 2022

Welcome New Administration

We said goodbye to Principal Carrier in December. In January, GWHS welcomed Principal Joshua Bell and Administrative Intern Chad Thompson. Mr. Bell comes to us from Horizonte Instruction and Training Center in Salt Lake City where he was principal. Mr. Thompson joins us from Malan's Peak High School (Ogden City School District) where he taught science for the past twenty years.

Principal Joshua Bell

As I learn more about George Washington and the community and students we serve, I am tremendously grateful to be a member of such a passionate team of people working together towards helping every student succeed. George Washington serves its purpose well as an alternative to the traditional high schools. As an alternative option, students receive a variety of wraparound services and every student has an individual plan for success. What George Washington does differently is what makes it great! I am excited to learn more about the school, community, families, and students we all serve. If there is ever anything you feel we can improve or do better, please feel free to contact me. Feedback from all stakeholders is the essential element for our continued success.

Again, thank you for welcoming me into your school community.

Attendance Matters

Did you know that GWHS students who attend class at least 90% of the time have an average pass rate of 84%! Students who are in their classes 80% - 89% of the time have an average pass rate of 77%. So, the more regularly students are in class, the faster they will graduate. Help us make sure that your students are at school, in class and ready to learn.

Because regular attendance is one of the biggest factors in success at school, we have hired an Attendance Support Team to support students in meeting attendance goals. They will be tracking students who are missing classes and working with parents to make sure students are in every class every day.

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Student of the Month - Araceli Gonzalez

Araceli exemplifies GWHS's ARISE standards in the following ways:

  • She's a smart, sweet student who is really growing in her ability to advocate for herself; she cares about school and her future (Accountable)

  • She is a good listener who is extremely kind and friendly to everyone and she’s just wonderful to be around (Respectful)

  • She is an active participant in her own learning who eagerly connects with the material being taught (Involved)

  • She doesn’t get in to trouble (Safe) and

  • She is a regular attender who has earned 3.00 credits this year with a school year of GPA 3.439 (Excelling)

Araceli is really proud of her progress and the fact that she is now earning A’s and B’s, when before she was failing her classes and not going to school. There are many things at GHWS Araceli enjoys, especially her language arts and math classes. Araceli is also proud of making some adult decisions like getting a job and her driver’s permit. Currently, she works at Ross in the customer service department. She loves cooking, and is known for baking an excellent chocolate cake. At home she has been learning about plants, and is planning on having a garden at home this next year.

Araceli plans to graduate from high school and get a driver’s license. Afterwards, she’d like to go to college to study business and maybe acting. She’d like to start her own business, maybe one that involves clothes and/or make-up. She’d like to travel to Mexico and Guatemala to visit family.

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Thank you Community Partners!

Thanks to the generosity of community partners like the Ogden School Foundation, Larry H. Miller Charities, KSL's Quarters for Christmas, Professional Firefighters of Utah, and Suzanne Lindquist, GWHS students received new coats, hats, mittens, cereal and warm and fluffy blankets in December. Thank you so much for caring for the students in our school!

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