MIS Monday Message

May 2 - 6

An Open Letter to Teachers From a College Professor

Time for Contracts...

All certified staff should have received your contracts for next year on Friday. Please read the documents you were given carefully as they contain important information. Before you sign your contract for next year, please take a moment to reflect on what signing your contract means. It is a promise from you to this district to fulfill your job duties to the best of your ability. When you sign your contract to teach at MIS, here's what you're signing up for:

  • to do your best each day to teach every student every day
  • to be coachable and work with your team to increase your effectiveness
  • to maintain high expectations for yourself adhering to the Code of Ethics
  • to adhere to the curriculum as prescribed by the district with fidelity
  • to use best practices in teaching that are proven to be effective
  • to put what's best for our students ahead of what's best for the adults
  • to be flexible and transparent in working with the other members of our staff
  • to build relationships and trust with parents and the community

I believe that it's very important for you to know what you're signing up for before you sign up! We have high expectations for our students and learning at MIS and will continue to in the future. If you're ready to be part of this team of excellence, then please sign your contract and get it turned into Terri.

I'm looking forward to the things we will accomplish together next year!

Here are a few things about this week:

One of the things you discussed in team meetings this past week and we are discussing in the Leadership team is setting goals for next year. We will share ideas at the faculty meeting on Wednesday, but I wanted you to have a chance to think about it first. What areas do we need to focus on? The Vision/Mission committee will be sharing their work with us during the meeting and we will also discuss handbook changes. Please come ready with ideas!

For the Mother's Day luncheon on Friday we will be adjusting lunch times just a little bit. We will be sending all visitors to their child's classroom about 15 minutes before lunch, so please be ready with a welcoming activity for them. If your pull-out is right before your lunchtime, I will be rescheduling it to another time that day so that everyone will be in their rooms. We want our visitors to feel welcome in your classrooms, so please invite them in and have something special planned to make them feel like they are a part of our school. I want all visitors leaving with something their child has made for them. We will call two classes to the cafeteria at a time in order to reduce crowding in the hallways. Please be patient with us! Teachers will need to eat with their students on Friday who don't have a visitor coming. One idea we've had is to let you bring those students back to your classroom for a special lunch with you. This may help them to feel special even though someone hasn't come to eat with them. If all your students have a visitor, then please stay in the lunchroom to greet parents and visit with them. Remember that this is a special time for visitors and NOT the time to tell parents about any problems you may be having with their child. We want this to be a positive visit!

Let's have a great week at MIS!

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Teacher Appreciation Week

It is Teacher Appreciation Week and I want to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work. I know that many days this job is tough and you are overwhelmed with the demands, but you don't give up. Thank you for caring for your kids every day and teaching them all they need to know! I hope this week makes you feel appreciated and loved!

We have several things planned to help show our appreciation for teachers and staff. PTO will be providing breakfast Monday - Wednesday and lunch on Thursday. I have also planned something for each day to show my appreciation for you. Monday's surprise is...Jeans Days on Monday - Thursday! Because of our luncheon on Friday, we will be dressing in our best to honor our mothers. Enjoy your jeans days!

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Congrats Keisha!

Keisha Hawkins has been accepted to the new program from UAM designed to allow paraprofessionals working in schools to earn their degree and teaching credentials. Keisha will start this August and is planning to be a Special Education teacher. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication with her students every day and are so excited about this opportunity for her to further her education and become a teacher!
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Aly's Getting Married!

We will be having a "pounding" wedding shower for Aly Ryburn on Thursday, May 12th in the MIS library. Details will follow!


* This is Week 3 of Academy.

Monday, 5/2

  • Breakfast in lounge
  • ACT Aspire testing, 5th grade
  • Human Brain program for 4th/5th grade, gym (Rachel will share schedule)
  • Fire Drill, unannounced
  • Shark Tank names due

Tuesday, 5/3

  • Breakfast in lounge
  • ACT Aspire testing, 5th grade
  • 5th grade Talent show try-outs (recess)
  • Power Standards, 4th math, 1-3 pm (paras cover)

Wednesday, 5/4

  • Breakfast in lounge
  • ACT Aspire testing, 5th grade
  • Power Standards, 5th math, 1 - 3 pm (Paras cover)
  • Staff Meeting, 3:20 (Handbook changes, Vision/Mission)

Thursday, 5/5

  • ACT Aspire testing, 5th grade
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, library
  • 5th grade Talent show try-outs (recess)

Friday, 5/6

  • Mother's Day Luncheon (10:45 - 3rd, 11:40 - 4th, 12:30 - 5th)


  • May 9 - 11, RtI meetings
  • May 10 - Multiplication Bee, 3rd grade, 1:30 pm
  • May 11- 12 Fifth grade tours at MMS
  • May 12 - Vertical Alignment meeting @ Co-op, math
  • May 12 - Wedding shower for Aly Ryburn
  • May 13 - Vertical Alignment meeting @ Co-op, literacy
  • May 13 - Boys and Girls Class, 5th grade