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This is it! Your last week as a 3rd Grader!!!

Important Announcement*************

You can keep your Chromebooks until August 3rd! This means that you can also keep doing i-Ready lessons, Prodigy, use Epic Books and take AR tests.

This will also allow you to participate in the Summer Reading Programs

This is your opportunity to go back in to Google Classroom and do any assignments that you had not finished before.

Don't forget about the Summer Reading Programs!

Another Really, Really Important Announcement#########

All School Assembly-Friday from 11:30-12:00 (Zoom)

We hope to see you there!

We will post the Zoom Invitation in Google Classroom.

There is an announcement about Everett Community College's Summer Reading and Writing Program for preschoolers to 12th grade posted in our Google Classrooms. Make sure you check it out if you need more information about the program.

There is also an announcement with a link about the Summer Reading Program from Mrs. Smith posted in Google Classroom.

June 15th-19th

This is our last week for seeing each other on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:00! Your teachers have super fun things planned for our last 2 meetings. Don't miss them!

Keep working on your Flat Husky Project. Don't forget to post anything you want to share with the 3rd grade on the provided Padlets.

Check out the Math assignments that are posted. There are a couple of games that your teachers can't stop playing. Try them out!

Don't forget! Links will be posted the day before each Zoom Meeting on Google Classroom. The password is "Husky".

Good Job on i-Ready Assessments!

Congratulations to Theus, Vedika and Shigeru for winning the PAWS Drawings last week!


We have posted new, "just for fun" books this week. Don't forget those AR tests.

Mrs. Smith posted the new ebooks on her site. To check it out go to: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HuHFG7RHxp4Ki4uOL7ZzZwU5LbBiqTET/view.

Week of June 15th-19th

Tuesday's Zoom Meeting-

Our Zoom Meeting this week will be games and activities to celebrate the last week of school. Don't miss any of the fun!

Bring any finished Flat Husky projects to share with us

Always bring a pencil, some paper and colored pencils, markers or crayons for some really special drawing fun!

Thursday's Zoom Meeting-10:00 A.M.

(Our Last Zoom Meeting)

Don't forget your Flat Husky Projects! Bring them to share.

We will play some games and have some fun competition.

Week of June 15th-19th

A Padlet is posted for 3rd graders to write about their Madison Memories, make sure you respond to this


Try out the posted math games and Padlet

New Padlets have been posted. Most students are doing a great job responding to questions. Please do not add anything that does not belong on the postings.


Most of the reading this week is for fun. Check out the posted books and don't forget the AR tests that go with them. Also if you haven't , start the Ickabog, the new J.K. Rowling free book posted in your Google Assignments


Watch the video about Mars, being red, read " Kids Learn About Mars", comment on the follow-up Mars Padlet and then see if you can draw Mars

There are some Titanic Experiments posted for you to try at home.

Remember, anything that you draw or make from your assignments can be posted to share on the Padlets. We all love to see your work! You can take a picture of your assignments with your chromebook and use the Padlet App to post it in the science assignment.

It is a great place to see what other students are doing.


This week you are going to have fun!

Keep working on the Flat Husky Projects-

Monday, June 15th, Wednesday, June 17th, and Friday, June 19th-

Read from the Epic Book choices or choose some of your own and take a follow-up AR test

Do the Science Experiments, watch the science video, respond to science Padlet, read more about Mars

Tuesday June 16th

Attend Zoom Meeting ( Fun, Games and Husky Project)

Play the posted Math Games or respond to the Math Padlet

Silent read for AR

Thursday June 4th

Attend the Zoom Meeting (Fun, Games and Husky Project

Start reading Ickabog (to be continued...)

Enjoy your summer with your family!

Thinking of you all and looking forward to seeing you when we get back,

Mrs. Kriegel and Mrs. Olson

Don't forget---------

Library books, Chromebooks, and Recorders (musical)

Families will given another opportunity to return library books, recorders from music, and Chromebooks if they choose June 17-19, from 9 am to 3 pm. Also, we still have MANY Kinder -4th grade students who have not picked up their belongings. June 17-19 is the catchall day!

If parents want students to keep their Chromebooks to work on iReady over the summer, they will be asked to return them August 3rd. Mrs. Overly will communicate this information to families via Blackboard,

Contact me

If you have any questions, or need help, please e-mail me at: LOlson2@everettsd.org or you can contact me through Google Classroom.