The Statue of Liberty

Monument to history

At first:

When people think of New York they often think about the city and lights, maybe even the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty island. The monument was a gift from France in 1886. The statues official name is "Liberty Enlightening the World". It was designated as a national monument in 1924, the National Park Services Employees have Been caring for the colossal copper statue since 1933.


Edited de laboulage, also known as the "father of liberty" provided the idea that would become the statue. The French artist and sculpture who designed the Statue of Liberty was named, Fredric- Auguste Bartholdi. The designer of the pedestal under the statues feet was an American architect names, Richard Morris. Many other people were involved in the existence of the Statue of Liberty. About 7 other people made it possible for the Statue of Liberty to be standing today.

About it

The construction of the statue took 9 years and another 2 years before it was placed on liberty island. The official name "Liberty Enlightening the World" was officially dedicated on October 28thb1886. It took 21 years to be transformed from an idea to a copper and steel statue gracing New York City's harbor. It took 16 months the assemble the statue.

The Statue of Liberty is 350 feet 1 inch (about 93m) from the ground to the tip top of the flame. It is made of copper. 3/32 inches (aboutn2.5mm) thick, the same as two American pennies places together. The internal structure is comprised of cast iron and stainless steal. The Statue of Liberty was modeled after the roman goddes of liberty.


The statues official name represents its most important symbol, "Liberty Enlightening the world" mean the torch the last is holding is lighting up the world. Tablet- in the statues left hand, the tablet has the date of the American Independence Day (July 4th, 1776) written in roman numbers ( IV MD LXXVI). Head- wears crown or diadem, 7 spikes on the crown, many believe are Rays of light roping the 7 seas and 7 continents of the world. Broken chains on the feet- many believe it means breakung free from tyranny and servitude.
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