Kirsten Gillibrand

Madison Eatwell

PROS and CONS on keystone pipeline from Canada to Louisiana


  • the united states would get its needed oil
  • strengthen relations with Canada
  • will have countries want to do buisness with the U.S.A
  • transports a lot more oil to the United States

  • can ruin the enviroment
  • getting the pipeline installed can cost more than its worth
  • tar ruins protected environmental area such as forests
  • is not a clean source of energy

PROS and CONS on raising the minimum wage


  • can help people who live on minimum wage and struggle to pay their bills
  • accelerates New York's economic recovery
  • boosted employee productivity
  • could potentially help people get out of poverty who are in poverty because of minimum wage

  • does not actually help the lowest paid workers, just the moral
  • can "up" the unemployement rate
  • eliminate full time jobs
  • will be more expensive for buisness owners



Born December 9, 1966 Kirsten is a American politician and a junior senator from New York. She used to serve in the House of Representatives representing New York but wanted to be a senator instead and has been since 2009. She is a proud member of the Democratic party. She is know as a conservative liberal. She is well-known among the Democrats. And is seen as the "potential" women president. Kirsten is against the Keystone pipeline because she thinks that will raise taxes on Americans and will take money from hard-working Americans. As for minimum wage, she is for it. She thinks it will greatly help New York and will help the poor and create jobs for those who are struggling.