To Kill a Mocking Bird

Small Town, Courage, Growing Up

Small Town

In To Kill a Mocking Bird they lived in a small town called Maycomb. This is relates to me a lot. In a small town you know every one and you know every thing about every one. Just like in the book they knew about every one and they knew what was all going on in town. Around here you know every thing that goes on in town. Also people in a small town help each other out and keep each other safe.


When Scout and Jem were younger they mixed courage up with strength. They taught it was a willingness way to get your way. But then Atticus explains what it means. In real life you have to have courage to do achieve something or work hard at getting it. Also in the book Mrs. Dubose's fights about her morphine addiction. Also Atticus faces down racism in Maycomb. Mr. Underwood also faces down on his own racism.
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Growing Up

The book covers three years of time. Scout and Jem grow up. In the beginning they were good little kids and didn't do a thing just like when I was little I was a good kid until i started getting older then I got worse. Scout also starts school. When he goes to school the teachers are very racists and weren't very nice to the kids. Basically the book talks about kids being little innocent and then once they get older they become less innocent

The Mockingbird

In the book they talk about mockingbirds a few times. Atticus told Jem and Scout that they couldn't shoot a mockingbird with there new air-soft guns because they don't do nothing to use all they do is sing. He also told them it was a sin. It was just like when they sentenced Tom Robinson to death it was just like killing a mocking bird because he didn't do anything in To Kill a Mocking Bird.
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