Rātā Street School newsletter 7

Newsletter number 7 - 1st July 2020

Taloha ni, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Malo e lelei, Manh Goi, Xin chao, Sawat Dee, Namaste, Hallo, Salamoahlakom, Kumusta, Assalamu Alaikum, Nabad, Gruetzi, Bonjour, Ni sa bula, Ola, Talofa lava, Kia ora, Kia orana, Nǐ hǎo, Hello and “Gidday”.

We welcome new students Ryan, Skylar, Yasmin, Mya, Kedin, Kasey, Tessa, and Kaden.


Rātā Street School has five values that we try to develop in our students while they are with us.

The values are: Belonging, Curiosity, Generosity, Wisdom and Leadership.

They were developed from all the suggestions that students, staff and whanau gave us last year.


Rata Street School is always well represented in the sporting arena. Next term there will be increased sporting opportunities for our students. As well as our own school sports (at lunchtimes, syndicate sport times, & PE lessons), we will field teams at interschool events (which should be cross country, hockey, and netball over the winter season). As I mentioned in the last newsletter – club netball and hockey has already started.

This gives our students plenty of opportunity to play sports – for enjoyment, for fitness and for the thrill of competing.

Please remember that if your child has committed themselves to a sports team, it is important that they arrive at the game before it starts, wearing the correct uniform, and with a positive attitude. We realise that there will occasionally be times when something unavoidable occurs and they may have to miss a game; we just ask that you ensure that the coach knows that they will not be there.


We have a free pass that families can use to visit the sanctuary free of charge. The pass will allow free entry for two adults and three children. A parent can get the pass from the school Office and then return it to the school after it has been used. Interested? Ask at the Office to borrow the free pass.

Hell Pizza

LIANZA (Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa), The New Zealand Book Council and Hell Pizza have joined forces to make a Hell Pizza Reading Challenge. Each child will have a pizza wheel which will be kept by their teacher. Your child has to read a book at their reading level (library book, book from home etc). There will be a follow up task given by the teacher to show they have read the book. Then the teacher will mark off one part of the child’s pizza wheel.

When they have read 7 books and done the activities, they will receive a free pizza! The pizza is a child sized 333 pizza which contains a child’s daily protein requirements, half their calcium, is high in fibre and low in sugar. Your child has to present the wheel in person to receive a free pizza.

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School Notices

Early finish - end of term 2

Term 2 ends on Friday. We hope you all enjoy spending time with your kids over the break. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 20th July.

Early Finish – interviews

Early finish Wednesday 29th July 12.30pm so that interviews can begin at 1.30pm


3 July Last day of Term 2 (early finish 2.00pm)

23 July Interviews

29 July Interviews (early finish 12.30pm)

Parent Interviews

Please book a mid-year interview so that you and your child can catch up with their teacher. You can do this several ways – online or through the Office.

Interviews will be Thursday 23rd July 3.30 – 8.30pm and Wednesday 29th July 1.30 – 5.00 (early finish on this day).

It’s been awhile since you’ve been able to catch up with your child’s teacher, and there’s lots to celebrate!

Go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the event code vvpzz, or come and see Kate in the office to book.


Students who have turned five or are new to the neighborhood are welcome to enroll. Please contact the school to discuss a transition into our school, and the enrolment process.

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