Professional Activities

2013-2014 School Library Annual Report

Professional Development

  • Earned M. Ed. in School Library and Information Technologies
  • Attended 2 Reading Writing Workshops at Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Presented at the AASL National Conference: Integrating the Arts in the Library Media Program
  • Presented at the CECA Conference: Collaboration that Works

Staff Development

  • Opened Internet Cafe to offer instruction to support teacher evaluation, school goals, and technology integration.
Classes Offered:

Collaboration: Google Docs

Formative Assessments: Google Forms, Padlet

Presentations: Haiku Deck

Online Resources:, Discovery Education, Destiny Online Catalog, Managing email, Virtual Field Trips

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Examples of Teacher's Work

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  • Purchased gently used, comfortable chairs and tables for the Internet Café
  • Moved 6 laptops into the lab from the main part of the library

Next Steps

100% of the teachers who have participated in the Internet Cafe lessons have been able to use what they learned to communicate with parents, formatively assess students, organize their email, or impact student learning. Although this is a wonderful percentage rate, we have only had 7 participants. I believe the reasons for a low attendance rate could be because of the time the sessions are offered or the teachers are not sure about the return of investment for their time. To determine if this is the case, I have created a Google Form survey with a few short questions that will help me gather information that I can reflect on and make changes for next year. The anonymous survey will be giving at the end of May.