Toxic Barrels Poisoning Water Holes

By: Navindra Persaud

New Jersey News

Oct 25 2005 in Mali The toxic barrels from a solar plant owned by a person named Massarde, Massarde works for a powerfull man named Kazim are poising the water holes in mali that will spread across the world under minutes the only people that can stop them are Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino, and Dr.Eva Rojas.

what would you do if your best friend got poisoned by the water and not even knowing it?

I would try to do every thing what i can do to help him i would help to find a antidote

Al would all ways lose his hat and say "that was my favorite hat"

and Dirk Pitt will always have to save Dr. Eva

This Toxic Barrels poisoning the water is from a solar plant trying to make a natural energy and it has been leaking out into the ground into the water holes and people are drinking it and dieing

the Solar plant was stopped by AL, Dirk , and Eva AL garbed the bombs that was planted in a barrel in the plant before the bombs explode also Dirk ,Al and Eva found a ship the sailed in the past years that held a great find in it gold while they found the gold a man named Kazim was hunting them he fails to capture them and in return he got shoot by a Canaan ball and died the hole problem was fixed but no one knows what happens to Massard