Ride Bikes & Have Fun

Sponsored By Sunday Bikes

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Finally the time has come and the weather is starting to look good!!!!

This is a bmx event im making to break in the nice weather and bring them bikes out!!! Be prepared for a whole lot of fun!!!! Meet the group members and admins. Toss Outs!!! Game Of Bike!!! Manual Contest!!! Ride Bikes & Have Fun enough said keep your bs to yourself. I got sunday bikes to help us sponsor this event to!!!

This is a street event we will meet at the shell gas station and right next to it there are places to grab some munchies and food to eat such as dollar general,pizza place,cvs,chinese and mexican food etc.

This location has some gaps, a huge huge parking lot where we can have a manual contest, ledge, banks,and theirs other stuff to do and we don't need to stay at the location we are riding street so we will get creative and ride around also there is a skate park few blocks away we can ride up to.

Please don't come if you plan on causing drama idc if people show up that you don't like or whatever keep it to yourself. There will be adults besides myself at the event and we will tell u straight up how we feel so lets keep it peaceful and have fun.

Event date can change if i see the weather will ruin it but i will notify everyone a week before. If you like bring tools along with u and inner tubes who knows whats out there on the streets.

Ride Bikes & Have Fun Sponsored By Sunday Bikes

Saturday, May 17th, 3:30pm

8801 W 87th St

Hickory Hills

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.