My work in B&M store


how i spend my work exprience

An article about my work experience

My work experience was in Willesden B&M. It’s a big store, there are different sections for every staff member .ex: men, women kinds’ home equipment, garden section kitchen section drinks, and upstairs where to find panting things and others stuff.

I worked for two weeks 5 hours a day. I did to sale in the tills, check prices how to tidy up and work in the ware house.

I learnt how to help customers how to use guns how to sale in the tills how to tidying up, how to check prices refilled clothes.

I learnt a lot of new English words everyone in my place work was kind nice and friendly.

In the beginning I didn’t like it I was feeling bored because it was my first time to work.

At the end I was very happy about the job, it was really interesting and I had fun.

I finally took a job there and am happy about that