by : shira azrad

fact file :

  • Name of Animal: Seahorse.
  • Where it lives: It lives in the sea .
  • What It eats: They feed on small crustaceans, worms and shellfish larvae.

  • The seahorse can the male seahorse get pregnant.
  • The seahorse can't eat because he doesn't have the stomach and food through the body very quickly.

  • Seahorse is a fish with swimming skills that aren't very good, and most of the time his tail gets caught in the oceans plants .

Description of the animal :

Seahorse description :

  • The Seahorse's body length can range from 13 mm to 35 centimetres.
  • The Seahorse is a small animal.
  • The Seahorse's bodies is covered with scales and fins .Their tails are used as a handle and to swim.
  • They don't have fur.
seahorse having babies, babies growing up
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What Is Special About The Seahorse

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