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Titan Twitter Challenge

10 Day Titan Twitter Challenge

Be sure to join all the #titansontwitter as we hone our twitter skills and compete against other departments!

Monday, February 24th

Take a selfie with a team member or colleague and use the hashtag #titansontwitter

Tuesday, February 25th

Participate in or view one educational twitter chat this week and tweet out something you learned using #titansontwitter

Wednesday, February 26th

Tweet a picture of a staff member from back in their high school or junior high days (see our C2G boards) and tweet your guess as to who it is. Use the hashtags #titansontwitter and #C2G

Thursday, February 27th

Tweet a picture that showcases student learning in your classroom that directly relates to supporting our campus POP. Use the hashtags #titansontwitter and #tmspop

Friday, February 28th

List two tweeps you follow on twitter that teach/work in the same content area as you (not a Tidwell staff member!) Use the hashtag #FF for Follow Friday and #titansontwitter

Monday, March 3

See if you can get a celebrity to retweet or tweet to you! Use the hashtag #titansontwitter

Tuesday, Marach 4

Favorite a tweet that makes you laugh (school appropriate) and retweet it with #titansontwitter

Wednesday, March 5

Take a picture of a Titan showing their school spirit and tag it with #titansontwitter

Thursday, March 6

Tweet a picture of student-led learning and use #titansontwitter

Friday, March 7

Tweet out the Google form
Challenge: Complete the form checking all completions and answering the last question