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Floriculture: Mrs. Kraus

Classroom knowledge and skills are applied as students identify and evaluate cut flowers, house plants, flowering plants, floral designs and complete an exam that tests their knowledge of floral design, propagation as well as preparation of floral and foliage products for sale.

Nursery Landscape: Mrs. Kraus

This CDE encourages members to apply their landscaping, marketing and service skills as they complete a written exam, identify various landscaping plant materials and evaluate plant materials and landscape plans.

Farm Business Management: Mr. Lynch

First Meeting is January 8th at the Ag Facility!

Management skills and economic principles are applied to agriculture and agribusiness situations as team members complete a written exam and solve farm analysis problems.

Ag Sales: Ms. Campise

Three or four member teams demonstrate the professional sales process including customer relations, advertising and promotion, telephone skills and product display. Members also complete an exam, present a project summary and make a sales presentation for an agricultural product. They complete one of four practical problems and cooperatively solve a market analysis problem.

Poultry: Ms. Guerrero

Students apply classroom knowledge to evaluate production, processing, marketing and consumption of chickens, turkeys, processed products and eggs. Participants complete a written exam, solve a management problem, evaluate animals and products, as well as identify various poultry products.

Veterinary Medicine: Ms. Campise

Land: Mrs. Morgan

Members of land evaluation teams judge sites based on characteristics of the soil and observations of landscape conditions, then recommend land treatments considering factors such as soil characteristics, vegetative conditions and planned use for the site.

ENR: Mrs. Morgan

Members of ENR teams judge sites based on identification of tools, equipment, animal species, land plot and plants for use of environmental purposes. They will apply skills of using compass and analysis of land plot site and scenario.

Wildlife CDE: Mr. Morgan

Wildlife CDE is a contest that test a student knowledge in Plant ID, plant preferences, techniques, safety, and general biological facts.

Wildlife contest will start in September with Wednesday morning Practices at 6Am at Ag facility classroom AG117.

Starting in January students will start competing in practice contest. After the first 2 contest the team will be reduced to 7 students. Area contest the top 4 judgers will represent Pearland FFA. This determination will be the coaches’ responsibility to make. Same decision will be made who the top 4 will be for State level completion.