Tristan's Review

Falling Upwards: How We Took To The Air


My author is Richard Holmes and he is a decorated author and has won numerous rewards for his work. Such as Somerset Maugham Reward, Whitbread Book of the Year, James Tait Black Prize, and the Heinemann Award. He is also the a fellow of The Royal Society of Literature. He was born November 5, 1945 and is 68 and is still producing books.

I chose the book Falling Upward: How We Took To The Air because for 1 it has a super catchy title and cool artwork on the front, but as you all know don't judge a book by its cover. The introduction to the book was even better by the end of the 1st chapter I was hooked and I knew this was the book I wanted to read.


The book Falling Upward: How We Took To The Air is a book that makes you feel like you were sent back in time. People of the time didn't care of the danger. They were driven to the sky, and no one could stop them.

Many people had crazy ideas. One English inventor wanted to use a small hot-air balloon to carry loads of manure. While Benjamin Franklin wanted to send thousands of French soldiers in balloons to England, like paratroopers in World War II fighting behind enemy lines.

Some seen the benefit of taking a peek at an enemy army from the skies. Balloons may well be the early version of spy planes and even reconnaissance satellites. The scientists James Glaisher and Henry Coxwell survived an ascent to more than 30,000 feet on a scientific mission in 1862. The lack of oxygen could have killed them and it nearly did. Their altitude record stood for decades.

This book is just full of inspiring stories. For all in the name of science.


I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. It has been one of the best non-fiction books iv ever read. Its more then one story. Its tons of stories put into 1.

The book sometimes drifts and gives you too much information about things you don't really care about such as too much details about characters that don't really matter. However, it makes up for with fascinating accounts of daredevil balloon flights and the siege of Paris during the war with Prussia in 1870. Overall it was a fun read with a lot of interesting History.

There are lots of great stories, facts, research, and photos and add up to a very interesting book. I loved reading about the history of ballooning, its effect on history, how history affected ballooning.