The search is now on

For the next Joy&Joe babywearing vlogger

The new #carrymjoy chronicles

  • Do you love babywearing enough to proudly show the world how much you do?
  • Are you a proud owner of a Joy&Joe wrap?
  • Are you\your family camera friendly?
  • Have you vlogged before or are you familiar with vlogging?

If your answer is yes to these four questions, then you could be the one we are looking for

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5 vloggers/ families will be chosen to win a whooping £100 Joy&Joe discount voucher for you to enjoy your shopping spree at

The winner automatically become ambassadors for Joy&Joe and will be featured on our social media pages and website alongside the £100 J&J voucher. The voucher has to be redeemed within the first two months of your winning. At the end of the 6 month vlogging for Joy&Joe, we'll choose one the 5 vloggers to win an additional £100 J&J discount voucher.

To apply, submit a short video (3 minutes or less) via YouTube showing us how you enjoy using your Joy and Joe wrap on a typical day. Vlogging is often done with phone cameras so your videos don't have to be overly professional. Make it fun, real and interesting.

If you speak languages other than English, please feel free to make your video in your own language. Ensure that you title your video entry using this guide line :

Joy and Joe #carrymyjoy chronicles : (your name's) entry.

Selection criteria will include a public voting on our facebook page and the video with the most likes will be shortlisted and then the final decision will be made at Joy&Joe HQ. So feel free to invite your friends and family to support your entry by liking it on our facebook page.

The winners will then be chosen to vlog every fortnight featuring their new Joy and Joe wrap

We hope that you will have fun partaking in this new Joy&Joe customer initiative. We love to laugh (after all we have joy permanently imprinted in our name and hearts ). So go on, pick up your phone, record and post your video and lets spread the joys of babywearing around. Thank you
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Q and A:

Q If I become a Joy and Joe Vlogger and ambassador what will I get as a prize

A: A whooping £100 voucher on any of Joy and Joe Woven Wraps and a chance to win additional £100 voucher after 6 months. You will also be featured on our website as an ambassador and also on our social medium platform. You will also receive other incentives such as Joy and Joe Badges, Sling Mirror etc

Q Is this opportunity open worldwide

A Yes any one can apply and it is open worldwide

Q I don’t speak English, can I apply

A Yes you can apply, you can do your video in any language you like

Q What will Vlogger be doing

A If you are selected, you will be required to posting vlogs of you and your family using your Joy and Joe Wrap every 3 weeks for 6 months

Q Is there a contract for this?

A The winners will receive a 6 month Vlogging contract via email which they will sign and return to us.

Q Any tips on improving my chance for selection for this

A Make your video fun and simple, invite friend and family to like it on our facebook page

Four Steps to become Joy and Joe Vlogger and ambassador

1. Take a videos of yourself and family using your Joy and Joe Wrap by phone or camera

2. Upload it on You Tube and title the video as - Joy and Joe #carrymyjoy chronicles : (your name's)

3. Post the video on Joy and Joe Facebook page

4. The video will with highest number of likes is likely to be chosen. So invite your friends and family to like your video on Joy and Joe Facebook page. The final selection will be made at Joy and Joe HQ.

5 vloggers to win £100 worth discount voucher and then of the 5, one overall winner will get an additional £100 voucher