El Señor de Los Cielos

"The Lord of the sky"

Amado Carrillo Fuentes (Juarez Cartel)

Born: December 17, 1956

Died: July 3, 1997


  • He was a Mexican drug lord who took control over Juarez Cartel after assassinating his boss.
  • He became known as "El Señor de Los Cielos" because of the large amount of jets he would use to transport drugs.
  • HIs uncle Don Neto was the leader of the Cartel
  • Amado got into the drug business under his uncle Emesto
  • He was transporting 4 times more cocaine than any other trafficker in the world
  • He had an estimated net worth of $25 billion U.S. dollars
  • Because of the pressure from the authorities Amado underwent plastic surgery and liposuction to change his appearance.
  • There are theories of how he died but there isn't one reliable reason
  • The two physicians who preformed the surgery were found dead in concrete steel drums, showing signs of torture.
  • The DEA confirmed the body belonged to Amado four days after his death. using fingerprints, DNA, and blood samples


  • In January 2010, 17 young people were killed at a party in Villas de Salvarcar, Chihuahua. The perpetrators were soon identified. They belonged to a criminal gang known as "La Linea," linked to the Juarez Cartel.
  • the Juarez Cartel moved thousands of tons of Colombian cocaine into Mexico by air, then into the U.S. by land.
  • Under their control Juarez went from about 300 murders in 2006 to over 3,000 in 2010, an astounding 1,000 percent increase.
  • An estimated $200 million a week in illicit-drug profits are being turned into NAFTA related businesses on the US/Mexico border.
  • The "Ill" is annually secretly transporting 100 tons of cocaine across the Southwest border.
  • Amado, through his uncle later went to work for the heroin smuggling Herrara family in the neighboring state of Durango.
  • the biggest shipper of cocaine to American cities, making an estimated $100m a month and paying off thousands of local, state and federal government officials to get his shipments through.
  • Sinaloa is the heart of marijuana and heroin in Mexico

Contact with the law

The first time Fuentes ran into the law was when a U.S agent detained him for have an automatic weapon. It was his first and only run in with U.S law. In order to keep control of the plaza Fuentes had to make regular payment to the army and Mexican police. In 1989 Amado was charged with trafficking for Columbia. The military confiscated 6 of his air crafts and 4 jets and a few months later he was released. While he was in prison authorities discover 21 tons of cocaine in California.


Amado underwent plastic surgery and liposuction after the pressure of being chased by U.S and Mexican authorities. During the operation it claims he died of complications from the medication or a malfunctioning respirator. There are theories that his body guard smothered him with a pillow, or the PGR tortured him to death. There have been rumors claiming that they saw Amado days later after the "faked" plastic surgery. But on July 11th the PGR claimed Amado's body based on fingerprints and scars.

Initiation process/Membership

  • Many new members decorate themselves with tattoos of original Aztec symbols.
  • Gang members must not consume "Magic Water" or heroin because they might reveal secrets of the organization.
  • Males go through a severe beating for initiation
  • For females the initiation process is gang rape
  • People can also enter the gang by carrying out an extremely violent attack against an innocent individual, which can offend end in death.