AFUMC Weekday Preschool Press

October 2019

Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much for your support of our recent book fair! It was so wonderful to see all of our preschoolers so excited about all of the books, and it was our most successful fair to date! We have been able to get more books than ever for our school with the profits of the fair. Thank you for your participation and generosity in purchasing books at the book fair! If you would like to order any additional books in the coming months, please use this link: Orders placed will ship directly to your home!

Sidewalk Safety

Safety is our number one priority while your children are here at preschool. As you leave and enter the building with your children each day, please hold their hands while you are on the sidewalk until you get safely to your car. With our church being in the middle of downtown Athens and surrounded by busy streets, it is crucial that we all use caution and keep the children's safety first. Thank you for your help with this!

Chapel Time with Ms. Linsey

Chapel is my favorite day of the week! Jesus said “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” (Matthew 19:14 NRSV) All people are loved by God, and it is important to talk to your children about God on their level and within their own experiences. Chapel time is a time to help the children come to know they are people whom God loves and that they are part of God’s kingdom. I read/tell stories from the Bible, act out characters, use puppets, sing songs, or whatever it takes to help your children know God's truth!

Fine Motor Development for Preschoolers

Even in today's digital world, fine motor development continues to be important! Not only do children need fine motor skills for handwriting, but they also need them for other daily tasks and general functioning. Your children are working on fine motor development every day at preschool through a variety of activities, but it is also very important for you to support their development at home.

The best way for you to help promote these and other hand-related skills is to provide your child with a wide range of materials to manipulate as his/her imagination dictates. Good choices include blocks (especially the interlocking types like magnetic blocks, Legos, bristle blocks, Tinker Toys, and construction straws), crayons, nontoxic and washable markers and paints, paste, glue, modeling clay, an easel, construction paper, safety scissors, coloring books, and simple sewing cards. This is also a prime time for puzzles, sand and water toys, and musical instruments.

Here are a few more specific ways to support your child's fine motor development at home:

  1. Teach the pincer grasp. To help your child learn to pick up small items like Cheerios using her thumb and forefinger, stuff an empty baby-wipe container with scarves, and then let her try to pull them out. You can also give her toys that have dials, switches, and knobs.
  2. Embrace his/her filling and dumping obsession. Your toddler will likely load every toy possible into a plastic bin—only to spill it out and start over. While this activity may seem dull, it takes integrated muscle movements, concentration, and cognitive reasoning. Other ways to boost grip and finger strength: squeezing a wet sponge or looking for toys that are buried in sand.
  3. Let the stacking begin! Your child needs hand and wrist stability to place blocks with control. Large wooden ones are easiest for toddlers to manipulate. Once she gets the hang of it, you can switch to smaller building materials—but hold off on interlocking bricks until she’s at least 2.
  4. Facilitate creativity. Most kids can make a mark with a crayon at around 15 months and scribble by age 2. Big crayons are best for little hands, but you can also give him large pieces of chalk and finger-paints to express himself.
  5. Be patient with utensils. Have your child start using a fork and spoon at every meal. If she makes a mess or struggles, resist jumping in to help—let her try to figure it out on her own.
  6. Build on basic skills. As your toddler’s dexterity improves, encourage him to use both hands to do new tasks. Have him try threading big beads or rigatoni pasta with yarn. And play games like “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” to teach him how to work his hands in tandem.

Square 1 Art is coming soon!

Square 1 Art is a preschool tradition we love! In a few weeks, a customized order form will come home to you featuring a work of art handmade by your child. Many wonderful items are available for order with this one-of-a-kind work such as key chains, coffee mugs, porcelain trivets, and more. This is great way to go ahead and get gifts for grandparents, other family members, and special friends for Christmas!! If you would like to see the types of products that are available, you can go to anytime! Order packets will come home in your child's backpack, and orders will be due on October 29.

What does this fundraiser support? Profits from our Square 1 Art fundraiser help us with equipment purchases and maintenance for our classrooms as well as support our need-based scholarship program.

SAVE THE DATE: Christmas Program

Our Christmas program will be held on Wednesday, December 4th and Thursday, December 5th at 11:30a.m. in the AFUMC sanctuary.

Program Schedule by Class:

Wednesday, Dec. 4:

Ms. Gay (3 Day 2s)

Ms. Amy (3 Day 2s)

Ms. Dorrie (3 Day 2s)

Ms. Jennie (3 Day 3s)

All Pre K Classes

Thursday, Dec. 5:

Ms. Marsha (5 Day 2s)

Ms. Mary (5 Day 3s)

Ms. Libby (5 Day 3s)

All Pre K Classes


Tuesday., Oct 1: Tuition Due (payment 3 of 9)

Oct 1 and Oct 2: Individual Fall Pictures

Mon, Oct 14: No School (Columbus Day)

October 22 and 23: Day with Dad (Your child's teacher will let you know which day their class is hosting the dads.)

Friday, November 1: No School (Fall Break)

Friday, November 1: Tuition Due (payment 4 of 9)

Mon - Fri, November 25-29: No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Mon., Dec. 2: Tuition Due (payment 5 of 9)

Wed., Dec 4 & Thurs., Dec. 5: Christmas Program in the sanctuary at 11:30

Mon., Dec 16 through Fri., Jan 3 No School; Christmas Break

Mon., Jan 6, 2020: School Resumes


Tuition Amounts by # Days per week your child attends:

2 days per week: $190

3 days per week: $226

4 days per week: $284

5 days per week: $295

Pay Now

Click here to make a payment through our website for tuition, lunch bunch and/or supply fees.

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