Greetings from University Libraries

Hi. I met many of you at the New Faculty Orientation and Dessert reception last week, but regardless of whether I got a chance to meet you – welcome to Murray State.

The University Libraries at MSU are a vibrant member of the academic community, with over 2 million database searches and 500,000 visitors last year. We pride ourselves on providing access to a wide range of electronic resources, while maintaining a print collection for those disciplines that require traditional materials. We hold a philosophy of providing electronic access at the point of need, utilizing technology for near-instant delivery, rather than a traditional library model of purchasing loads of books and journals in the hopes they will be used. This allows us to provide 80,000 eBooks in a year instead of just 3,000 print books; we can access over 7,300 of the best journals, which would otherwise cost millions to subscribe to in a more traditional manner. The University Libraries are also an “academic Swiss Army Knife” of support services to help your students succeed in your classes.

Your department has a Research & Instruction Librarian assigned to it; this person can help you navigate all of the many resources the library provides to benefit your students as well as your own research agenda. If you missed it, here is a link to the Prezi I gave at the New Faculty Orientation. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Research & Instruction Librarian for anything you might need.

Have a great academic year!

Adam Murray

Dean, University Libraries