Sun and Shadow

A story of pride by Ray Bradbury

Plot and Theme

Ricardo, a man who is proud of his life and surrounding culture, is driven into a rage by a photographer arranging his photos in a quiet manner. Ricardo argues with the photographer and accuses him of being disrespectful to his community.

The theme, expressed by Ricardo is pride in your (his) community and lifestyle. Ricardo stands before the photographer and his neighbors to prove his point.

Literary Devices

Ray Bradbury uses multiple examples of indirect characterization. In Sun and Shadow, the only character he describes directly is the model. Using indirect characterization, the author allows the reader to create the characters for themselves.

Character Information

Major Conflict

Ricardo is enraged at the photographer taking pictures of his alley because of it's pretty shadows. Ricardo believes the photographer is using his son as cardboard cutout, and his alley as a background for the "correct air". Arguing with the photographer that he has disrespected his town, and treated it like a simple background.