NSSD Options Academy Registration

Fall 2022

Registering for Options Academy


The NSSD is once again using the "Registar" portal. If you are a returning NSSD student, select that option. If you are new to the NSSD, make that selection to start the process.

LINK TO REGISTER HERE: https://northsantiam.registar.lblesd.k12.or.us/

Additionally, students in grades 9-12 considering SVA (online) need to fill out this quick google form to help us know more about your plans: https://forms.gle/xNeyHaPNsh8nvvCU6

*All 9-12 online students will meet with counseling prior to starting classes.


If your student is already/previously enrolled in Locust Street Academy, you will also want to register under "Returning NSSD Students." School name will be Options Academy. Students who MAY be newly enrolled in LSA this year should register at SHS, and counselors will take next steps.

As a reminder, LSA provides in-person instruction for a limited number of 11th and 12th grade students who have not been successful in a traditional high school setting. All referrals to LSA begin at the counseling office at SHS.

If you have questions about enrollment, call Rhonda Johnson, Registrar, at Options Academy, 503-769-1618. Rhonda is brand new and learning our systems, and will work to get you the answers you need.

Online Curriculum Options

Our online vendors for this year will be as follows:

SchoolsPLP ~ available for grades K-12
Fuel Education/Stride Learning Solutions ~ available for grades K-8
Brigham Young University (BYU) ~ available for grades 9-12

More information can be accessed on the NSSD Options Academy page: https://www.nsantiam.k12.or.us/domain/492

9-12 Students ONLY: Eagle's Days

If you will be a high school student, consider coming to Eagle's Day at SHS one of the following times:

August 8th (7:30 am-11am & 12pm-6pm) and August 9th (12pm-6pm)

IN THE MAIN BUILDING! Please come to the AUDITORIUM entrance.

*While online students will not need to get lockers assigned, this is a chance for them to check registration and get pictures for ID cards/ASB cards, as LifeTouch will be there.

ASB Cards:

This will be a chance for online students to get ASB cards (for sports participation and free sporting event entrance). You can purchase the ASB card here: https://or-northsantiam.intouchreceipting.com/

Intake Meetings: All 9-12 online students will have a meeting with counseling and administration. This meeting will be to ensure clarity on scheduling, to review transcripts, and to discuss online progress expectations and procedures. These will happen in the weeks prior to the start of school in September.

Options Academy Staff Updates

K-8 Teacher: (new) Shannon Sheppard will be overseeing our K-8 students. Shannon has years of experience teaching at both the elementary and middle levels in our district, and is excited to get working with our online students. She will have an office/space at Stayton Middle School.

Registrar: (new) Rhonda Johnson will be replacing Renee Martinez as our Options Academy Registrar. Rhonda has many years of school office experience and will be a great resource for our students. She will be housed in our new Locust Street Academy Building next to the high school. This building is scheduled to be completed in late August.

Options Academy Phone: 503-769-1618

SVA Attendance Secretary: Courtney Mathenia. Courtney will be housed at the District Office.

Locust St. Academy Teachers:

James John (Math and Science)

Stefanie Breitling (English and Social Studies)

Administration: Alan Kirby, Options Academy Principal. alan.kirby@nsantiam.k12.or.us.