Filling out 1040 ez form

By: Alex Solano

1040 ez form

The 1040 ez form is a form filled out for income taxes. If filled out correctly people can file their own income taxes without having to hire someone for it. In order to fill out the form employers need a W-2 form. You should get the W-2 form from your boss or manager. The 1040 form is due on April 18th of every year.

How to fill out 1040 ez

Line 1 You have to put the wage or salary

Line 2 you have to include taxable interest

Line 3 ask for unemployed compensation 4 And Lines 1,2,3 for adjusted gross income

Line 5 If someone can claim you as a dependent, check the applicable box below and enter the amount from the worksheet on back. You either put a mark in You or spouse. If no one can claim you enter 10,300 or 20,600 if married.

Line 6 Subtract line 5 from line 4

Line 7 federal income tax withheld from form w-2 and 1099

Line 8a Earned income credit (EIC)

b Nontaxable combat pay election

Line 9 Add lines 7 and 8a. These are your total payments and credits

Line 10 Tax. use the amount on line 6 above to find your tax in the tax table in the instructions. Then, enter the tax from the table on this line

Line 11 Health care: individual responsibility

Line 12 add lines 10 and 11. This is your total tax

Line 13a If line 9 is larger than line 12, subtract line 12 from line 9. This is your refund

b. enter routing number

C. type: checking or savings

D. account number

Line 14 If line 12 is larger than line 9 subtract line 9 from line 12. This is the amount you owe

BACK of 1040ez form

Line A Amount if any, from line 1 on front

Line B Minimum standard deduction

Line C Enter the larger of Line A or Line B here

Line D Maximum standard deduction. If single enter 6,300 if married filling jointly enter $12,600

Line E Enter the smaller of line C or line D here. This is your standard deduction

Line F Exemption amount

Line G Add lines E and F. Enter the total here and on line 5 on the front