American Independence

A war which birthed a nation

Tension leading up to battle

The Boston Tea Party was a pivotal moment, which galvanized colonial ideology towards separation from England.

The War Begins

The American Revolutionary War began on April 19, 1775. Paul Revere's famous ride was on this night where he and others rode through the night alerting colonists of the incoming British soldiers.

Important Personalities

The Nation is Born

Battle of Yorktown

General George Washington's resounding defeat of Lord Cornwallis's British army;
causing the British to surrender and effectively ending the American Revolutionary War.General Washington commanded the Americans, Lieutenant General de Rochambeau commanded the French and Major General Lord Cornwallis commanded the British troops.The British wore red coats and headgear of bearskin caps, leather caps or tricorne hats depending on whether the troops were grenadiers, light infantry or battalion company men. The German infantry wore blue coats and retained the Prussian style grenadier mitre with brass front plate.

The Americans dressed as best they could. Increasingly as the war progressed regular infantry regiments of the Continental Army wore blue uniform coats but the militia continued in rough clothing.

The French royal regiments of foot wore white coats.