Industrial Revolution


industrial revolution

The industrial revolution began in the 1800's and ended in the 1900's. the people who lived in that time suffered a lot they did not get paid enough and they even got cheated out of their money too. How would you feel if you had to work 14 hours a day wait lets go back pretend you was a child who had to suffer all of that. the children drank and smoked the parents put their children in a adults place to help with the bills ohh and I almost forgot to tell you the houses where owned bye the factory too. well back too was talking about when the children drank and smoked that was called child labor

child labor

the radio

the radio was a great invention in the 1900's they where able to here the radio and her what the people was talking about and most people was so poor that they could have not even bought the radio. the radio was made by Guliemo Marconi he made the radio but it was a telegraph before the radio. and that is the end of my project byeeeeeeeee!!