By: Juan Pablo Villamizar

The Attack

The twin towers was first proposed in 1943. After a lot of discussions the project was finally started on August 3, 1966. The twin towers lasted 47 years until they were destoryed by hijacked planes on Septmber 11, 2001. This terrible event was planned and executed by an islamic terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. 2 of the planes were pointed to the north and south towers. The other two were pointed to crash againts the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The first attack on the towers was on the North Tower at 8:46. The destruction of the twin towers and all the properties around it caused damage to the economy adn lower Manhattan. The street was closed until September 17. There were many evacuations and drills because of the fear of further attacks. Now on 2006 the twin towers have been rebuild creating a neew World Trade Center. The constructions will be done by 2013 or 2014. The two planes that hit the twin towers were sent from Boston and took a turn of directions for the twin towers. The Fourth plane came out of New York and ended ina field in Pennsylvania. The Third plane crashed againsts the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The attack killed 2,996 people. 17 of those were the hijachers. Those four planes were selected because they were fully fueled. About 90% of the victims were o or above the spot of impact of the planes. In the North Tower 1,355 people died because of smoke inhalation or jumped of the building to their deaths. The rest were killed on the colapse. The fall of the escape stairs were imposible for anyone above the impact zone escape. The impact of the north tower resulted ofr alot of people to evacuate the South Tower. This reduce the amount of casualties in the event. Over 340 firefighters died trying to save survivers from the attack. At least 200 people fell or jumped from the towers to escape the smoke and flames. On September 11 each year families gather at the memorial to honor those who died in the event. This is one of the mosy tragic events in the history of the U.S.A.
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Survivers And Their Testimonies

Lauren Manning:

Lauren worked in the 106th floor on the North Tower. She went work like any other day. While she was in the elevator the plane crashed againsts the tower, making her burn in flames. Eighty two percet of her body was severed burn. She ran out of the building covered in flames until a stranger took off his jacket and put out the flames. She said that the only reason why she didn't gave up was because of his 10 month old son. The EMT's labeled as unlickely to survive. After 3 months in the hospital and 3 months in the rehabilition she could go to her normal life. She had 25 operations and skin grafts. She needed to relearn to walk and stand again.

Sujo John

Sujo worked in the 81st floor in Tower 1 during the first plane crash. Even though he was able to go down the stairs to safely all he thought about was his wife that was supposed to be in the second tower. He then knew that his wife got late to work and got to the towers when the plane crashed. When Sujo was running for his life the collapse of the second tower burried him underground. His wife could only watch when the debris fell on top of him. He got the strengh to dig himself out of the debris to safety. He says that all was a miracle from God. His wife getting to work late and him surviving the debris was an act of God. Now the family travels around the world talking about their suvival. Sujo was the only of his cohort to survive the blast. He said that he could feel the biulding tilting to the left and all the fire and debris falling around him while trying to escape the building.

Brian Clark

The second impact was a few floors below him. When the plaen crashed he got his coworkers that were a aparty of seven and a flashlight. He was one of the only four people that were able to escape the South Tower that were floors above the impact zone. No one escaped the North Tower that were above the impact zone. throughouthis descent he encountered a lot of collegues taht joined him in going down to the lobby. The oly reason that he could escape was because the plane that crashed againsts the biulding didn't damage 1 stairwall that they used to escape. Right after they got to the lobby they were advised to go to the streets and run as far they could. Then when they were blocks away the Tower 2 started to collapse. One of the coworkers that lived and got out with him was Stanley Prainmath. he said that before the descending he used a phone in the 31st floor to say he was going down. They were people waiting for them in the lobby.

Steve Sullivan

During the attack he was changed from squad 41 to another fire team squad 288 that set off when the attack began. The rest of his team died during the attack. He then decided to go to squad 288 adn meet the whole team in the zone. When he got to ground zero every member of the squad 41 and squad 288 were dead except for the person he was supposed to replace. Since he was suppose to be with squad 288 at that moment he was filed as missing or dead. His family didn't know anything about him for hours. After 12 years of silence he decided to tell his story. If he hadn't move to squad 288 he would have been with the deceased ones in squad 41. Steve is now in charged of the New York Probationary Fire school. He said that he was relieved to see that the man he was supposed to replace didn't died waiting for him to come.

September 11 2001 Video.

The Fourth Plane

The United Airline Flight 93 was the fourth plane to crash. The plane crashed againsts a field and failed at crashing againsts the Pentagon. This wasn't becasue of the failing attempt of drivinjg the plane. This happened because of the passengers aboard. The hijackers breached into the cockpit and took control of the plane 46 minutes after it took off. It then was directed back to the east to Washington D.C. The target was never known to where it was headed. It is believed it was to the White House or the Capital Building. People decided to start calling their families after they knew that other planes were headed and what was going to happen. Some passengers decided to take control of the aircraft. During the attempt the plane fell and crashed againsts a strip mine in StonyCreek Township neer Shanksville in Summerset County, Pennsylvania. The actions from the passengers prevented the crash againsts the main target.

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