Gang Violence Continues

By: Rory Schnarr


On January 25th, 2013. At 11:30pm, 16 year old teen named Andy, was stabbed by an unknown suspect. Claimed to be apart of a gang. Andy's body was found in The Bronx, New York in an old alleyway.

Info 2

Andy had been apart of a gang called "The Royals." They have also found out that the killer was apart of a different gang called "The Gaurdians." Cops believe that the stabbing was a form of revenge for the gang. Also a bystander had came to the cops saying that they heard the killer tell Andy "that's for you royal!" The killer had used a butcher knife and had stabbed Andy once under neith the rib cage.

Info 3

The bystander who had found Andy deceased in the alleyway was Andy's girlfriend Larua. Right after Larua went to a near by police calling out "someone's hurt!" The police officer who had confirmed Andy's death was George Gray.

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