Walt Disney Company

Emily Allen


This is a corporation because it is a type of company that is a separate legal entity that is owned by stockholders and ran by managers.

Two Benefits=

-Limited Liability

-Easy to raise money

Founder: Walt Disney

Walt Disney had started a contract with M. J. Winkler to produce comic strips that could be released in papers and eventually on T.V. The Steam Boat Willy (or the first Mickey Mouse cartoon) was released in a New York theater and had received a lot of attention. More cartoons had followed after this and eventually the business has moved to California on December 26, 1939. From there, arguments and downfalls had happened (ups and downs like every business) until Disney had become one of the most well known corporations in not only America but other countries as well.

More about the Company-

  1. The Walt Disney Company is diversified worldwide entertainment company with operations in four major business segments: Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Media Networks and Consumer Products.
  2. They believe that including diverse suppliers in their sourcing process provides them the greatest opportunity to develop the most innovative, high quality, and most cost effective business solutions.
  3. The Walt Disney Company's employees and cast members are essential to fulfilling their business goals.
  4. Roy O. Disney, who had founded Disney with Walt, passed away on December 20, 1971.

Would I Invest?

Because this is a public corporation, I would definitely think about investing in it because it is so well known and I couldn't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to work with Disney. It's a fun and family based company that not only kids love, but adults too. I imagine that it pays well and treats it's employees with respect and it's a community that I'd like to be part of.
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