Jonas:The star of the Ceremonies!

Gage Bidwell !2/31/20

The Ceremony of Twelve held a special surprise this year.

The Ceremony of Twelve.

There were many special jobs given out his year. We are all very happy with they assignment given out this year. For example, Asher received the Assignment: Assistant Recreation Director. But the star of the Ceremony was Jonas. He was not Assigned, but selected. Selected to be the Receiver of Memories. As we all know, this is a very special role in our community. We asked Jonas what he thought about his new role in the community, he replied "For the first time in my twelve years of life, I feel separate, different."

Qualities of the Receiver.

During the Ceremony of Twelve the Chief Elder said that there were four qualities that were needed to be a Receiver of Memories. She said "Intelligence, We are all aware that Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days. Integrity, Jonas has, like all of us, committed minor transgressions. Courage, Only one of us here today has ever undergone the rigorous training required of a Receiver. It is he who reminded us, again, and again, that courage is required. The fourth essential attribute, is wisdom. Though Jonas has not yet acquired that." We all think that Jonas, is more than qualified to be the next Receiver of Memories.

A Receiver in training.

The Chief Elder also said that Jonas would go through immense pain during his training. Jonas is going to be completely alone during his training, said by the Chief Elder. This job is very honorful, as we know, so we will all give our respect to Jonas from now on.