Egg Car Project

By: Dan

My Question

Can I make a wood car that fits in a gutter with and egg and have a crash test

without the egg cracking?


My hypothesis is that my wooden car will protect the egg from cracking.


First I grabbed a wood block. Then my dad helped me grind it into a car shape. Next I painted it and drilled holes for the wheels. Then I find a piece of clear plastic shaped like a windshield and glue it on. Then I drilled a hole big enough to fit an egg. Next I glue a couple pieces of cotton in the hole so the egg doesn't crack when it hits the wall. Last I put a piece of rubber on the tip for protection.

My Safety Device

I am useing a couple pieces of cotton on the inside and a piece of rubber on the tip so it bounces off the wall.


Big image


My hypothesis was right, my car will protect an egg from cracking.