Women Industrialization

19th century industrial revolution

Manufacturing and Industry

The Lowell Girls were young female mill workers. By working in the mills they received shelter and food. Young females left their homes to show independence by also working in the mills and gaining their own money.

Working Conditions

As you can see in the pictures above, females working in the mills didn't have no helmets or safety working clothes or gloves etc. They could get injured quick by any of the machines. They had to work for a long time and there wasn't a law that would protect them to not work for a long period of time. There was many injuries in the mills, not only females got injured but men as well. "Excerpt from a Letter from Mary Paul, Lowell mill girl" tells us that a female broke her neck which caused her instant death. There was also a man who got killed by the railroad cars.

Improvements in Transportation

Two improvents in transportation that we've learned about were the railroad system and the steamship system. The steamship system helped with buying, selling, and trading goods over sea. The railroad system was used for traveling overland.