The Preamble

How it's useful now

What it Means To Us

The preamble to us is something that helps build the base of what our leaders want for the country and its people. It ensures citizens have rights, justice, that the country will try to make life easier for the citizens and so much more.

How the Preamble Is Useful Nowadays

It grants Americans basic rights that they don't even realize make their peace possible. Things like "domestic tranquility" and "general welfare" make peace on American soil possible. The preamble also helps us, the citizens, establish justice and create a more perfect union, which happens to create better unity among the citizens than the original Articles of Confederation. "Common defense" also ensure the nation will never be disturbed by outside parties, and

Establish Justice

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Under the Preamble, everyone has equal rights and obligations, as long as they are a U.S. citizen,

Domestic Tranquility

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Order is essential in keeping the peace in the U.S. Laws are enforced so all citizens can live in harmony.

Common Defense

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Defending the nations and its interests. A nation is as strong as its borders.

General Welfare

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The U.S. has institutions to ensure the well-being of its citizens. Organizations like the CDC work to explore cures for diseases that threaten its people's

Secure Basic Liberties

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Ensuring the personal freedoms of each American citizen.

Form a More Perfect Union

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It sums up what citizens desire in order to be a more unified nation.