Month End Recap


Hi ladies,

Thank you for working so hard in the month of November! Congratulations to Melissa on her promotion to Manager! She's worked hard and deserves it!

We received some really great information from both Ayesha and Michelle. If you haven't already, please take the time to read the emails we received from them, they are full of great information and suggestions to make December a successful month!

December is hectic...Christmas Do your best to incorporate Beautycounter into your schedule. Need suggestions, let me know. I'm here to help!

In the sections below I've highlighted some important tips/training info. Please take the time to read and review the information and let me know if you have questions.

Finally, I want to thank each an everyone of you for joining Beautycounter and committing to making this world a safer place - one product at a time.



Schedule One Social this Month

I strongly encourage each one of you to schedule at least one social this month. Holding at least one social a month will grow your business! This month, we have several "special" hostess rewards. Normally, seasonal gifts and sets are not part of the hostess rewards. I really want the Jet Set Bag Collection. If I can get it for $40 - woo hoo!

Remember - hosting your own social is a great way to build your own personal collection of products...Free and discounted is product is the BEST

Remember shipping cut off for Christmas is December 17th.

I'm here to help!

How to ask someone to host a Social

Here are some "words to say" when looking for a social host.

  • “I’d love to share our mission and products with those you care most about while helping you earn some free and half-price product for the holidays. We have some special Host rewards this month that are really exciting. You can enjoy the rewards for yourself or they also make great gifts for those on your holiday list. Since everyone is in a festive mood, I’ll make sure to keep the Social fun and inviting while sharing meaningful information and allowing your friends to sample our safe and high performing products. Would a morning gathering work for you (we can have coffee and muffins or fruit for everyone), or is something in the evening better (wine and cheese is perfect for this)? I can do next Wednesday morning around 10 AM or next Thursday evening around 7 PM. Would either work for you?”

  • “Why don’t we finish your holiday shopping by gathering some friends to celebrate the season? I’ll bring my products over so that we can do some shopping and learning about our safe products at the same time. Our ground shipping cut-off date is 12/17, so we have plenty of time to make this all happen. Does coffee and pastries this Saturday or Sunday work for you?”
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Training Modules

If you haven't already, please take a look at the new training modules BTC. The modules can be completed on your own time and are a great tool! We are so lucky to have such an amazing trying tool available to us. I've talked with other woman involved in different types of direct retail and none of them have anything even close to what we have!
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The Beautycounter Brand

We are the face of Beautycounter. It is extremely important that we represent this amazing company and brand in clear and consistent manner as dictated by our leadership team. Here is a list of What to Say and What Not to Say. This info comes straight from the training pages of BTC. :-)

We are a multichannel, mission-driven company.
We are a disruptive California brand—smart, hopeful, and authentic pioneers.

Product & Ingredient Safety

What to say:

  • Safer

  • High performance

  • Better beauty

  • Better ingredients make better beauty

  • Beautycounter screens every ingredient for safety

  • Focus on our Ingredient Selection Process – and here is some of the copy we’re using to describe it:

o Our rigorous Ingredient Selection Process ensures that our products work beautifully without compromising your safety.

o Better ingredients make better beauty.
o Our unparalleled Ingredient Selection Process ensures that our products work beautifully

without compromising your safety. This rigorous process handpicks the best ingredients and rejects the bad stuff, including more than 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients we will never use.

What not to say:

  • Non-toxic

  • All natural or natural (many of our ingredients are natural, but not all are)

  • Green

  • Pure

  • Healthy products

  • Wellness

  • Clean (could say cleaner)

  • Organic (many of our ingredients are organic, but not all are)

  • Eco-friendly

  • Chemical-free

  • Lead-free

  • 100% safe (or, ideally, even safe; try to use safer)

  • Beautycounter tests every ingredient for safety (we screen/assess for safety and health impacts—

    we do not “test” every ingredient)

    Policy & Advocacy

    What to say:

  • We want better laws that protect public health from harmful ingredients commonly used in the beauty industry

  • Stronger laws can help make products safer for everyone

  • The cosmetic industry is virtually unregulated

  • We are dangerously behind other countries when it comes to cosmetic safety

  • We want Congress to prioritize safe beauty

  • We generously donate to non-profit organizations that align with our company’s mission

    What not to say:

  • There is no regulation on the cosmetic industry (there are some regulations, but very few on ingredient safety)

  • Anything related to political parties or one’s personal politics