Stories written with Emotions. Filled with chills.

What is Emotions & Chills?

Emotions & Chills is going to be a monthly e-publication containing short stories of varying lengths. The genres covered will be horror, paranormal, thriller (though we will make exceptions more often than not). The publication will be distributed across various platforms at a competitive price.

Audio is interesting

Audio version of the publication will be published simultaneously with ebook one. The art of storytelling through audio is growing and the field is really interesting. We will publish audio exclusive short stories too.

Your contributions and work

All the tasks will be shared. You will work towards :

> Creating new stories.

> Reviewing and editing.

>Promoting Emotions & Chills.

Why you should join it?

Simple. Because it will give you :

> A Chance to learn and get better at your art.

> Popularize yourself and your work

> Earn some side - money (You’ll receive 15% of the profits)

Is it going to suck up my whole time?

Absolutely not. I would rather call it a weekend project where people meet to create awesome stuff. (No real-life meeting and travel is involved though) It’s not to going to suck up your time as tasks will be shared by all.

Will it be successful?

We believe so. If we create good stuff, then I see no reason in believing that we will fail. Also, stuff sells when people know about it and we will put all the efforts we can in promoting Emotions & Chills.


Contact me at adityaganguly@about.me with your info, a short story and the reason you want to work with us. You can also contact at twitter (@gopcruise).