Cleopatra VII thea Philopator

The queen of egypt

by Tyler Richter

cleopatra's birthday:

Cleopatra was born 69 bc

Cleopatra's 2 roman husbands

Cleopatra had a fiancee named Julius Ceasar, who was then murdered.

Afterword, she fell in love with another roman leader named Marcus Antonius.

cleopatra and her siblings

Cleopatra's suicide

During the battle with Octavian, Cleopatra told her servant to tell Marcus Antonius that she was dead. when Marcus Antonius heard this, he wanted to join her, so he stabbed himself. When Cleopatra heard, she didn't expect him to do it, so she told her servant to bring her a vahse with two cobras inside. when she received them she stuck her hand in to provoke the snakes to bite her so she could join Marcus. august 12th 30 bc