Lenape French Room

January 2014

Francophone Feast

The French Two classes each put together a francophone feast, with foods and drinks from various French-speaking areas/countries around the world. We also reviewed café/restaurant conversations from last year. The kids paired up, taking turns playing the role of the server and the client. If they wanted anything to eat or drink, they had to ask for it in French, or they didn't get it! (I'm so mean.)

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Carnaval de Québec / Carnaval d'Hiver

After learning about the Winter Carnival in Québec City, the French One students had their own Winter Carnival, complete with snowpeople mascots, and an ice castle!


A typical food in Canada is la Poutine. By coincidence, while I was in a Trader Joe's store last week, I noticed that they had their own Poutine advertised on the front page of their flyer. Here is a description and photo of poutine! In its most basic form, it consists of cheese and gravy on top of fries. The fries part makes it not very conducive to including in a French Room feast, although I suppose it would be possible (if a bit soggy?).

Some of our students had already tried poutine, either in Canada, or here in the US. When I read the description to them, apparently some of them came home to convince you to get/make some!

les bonbons canadiens (au sirop d'érable)

Our FUN-raiser continues, while supplies last. These hard candies made of maple syrup were shipped to us from Canada. They are 25 cents a piece (they come individually wrapped), or five for $ 1.


The French Two students have been learning to talk about their daily routines. They've done lots of different activities to learn how to better express themselves on this topic, including reading, illustrating, listening, and creating a sort of comic-strip version of their own day.


While learning what teenagers in Québec do for fun, the French One students learned to talk about their own sports and activities. We had lots of fun doing charade races, where kids had only a short amount of time to act out activities and get their partner to guess what they were doing....in French, of course!

Two last photos of your amazing kids....