Dr. Gayle Way

Effective Treatment for Depression & Addiction

Everyone feels sad or discouraged sometimes. Most people suffer the sad experiences of life as a serious illness, job loss, and death of a family member or divorce. These feelings of grief tend to become less intense over time. Some things can complicate the recovery but only psychotherapy can help recover a person with depression or stress disorder. Whenever you need a psychotherapist? Gmway is the best place for you to meet a person who will help you cope with the problems.

At Gmway, Dr. Gayle Way is an Energy Psychologist and therapist who are specially trained to help people manage their different feelings and problems. We are a member of the department of psychology and a specialist in the Alternative Addiction Treatment. Adolescents and young people attend psychological consulting for many reasons. In psychotherapy, psychologists apply scientifically valid for creating healthier habits and effective procedures. Dr. Gayle Way has several methods such as cognitive behavioral, interpersonal and other types of Transpersonal Psychology/Therapy to help solve problems.

People with depression may become overwhelmed and exhausted and stop participating in certain everyday activities, withdrawing from friends and family. As a professional counselor, our Psychological consulting can help you understand your feelings and problems and learn how to manage your daily life. If you or a loved one has an addiction problem, Dr. Gayle Way will help you have a healthier life. If you have any question, log on to our website Gmway.com here you will find every detail regarding our treatments and services.