The Warrior's Heart

By:Eric Greitens


In this book Eric is traveling around the world to help people. He goes to china to teach English to people his age. while he is there he is told that he should go to this dojo. He thinks that it is going to be bad, it turned out to be good. He got taught discipline and respect. When it was over they gave him a sword and numb chucks. They also gave him secret pictures of the massacre that was there. He spent his summers in china, rewanda, and bosnia. In those places he worked with people that have been hert from domestic violents. He was very compasinate to others. He also worked with people on the streets. After all of that he joined the navy seals. Training there took a lot of space in the book. Then it talked about some of his missions in iraq for the rest of the book. That is my summary of The Warrior's Heart.


What I think Erik would take on vacation is his camera because he likes taking pictures. If he could I think he would bring his numb chucks. I think that because he might need something to protect him. He also might of taken his pictures of the Chinese massacre. I think would of taken those because they are special to him. That is what I think Erik would take on a vacation.