Dani's SURPRIZE Birthday Bash!

Dani is turning 12!!

You're invited to a special birthday surprise for Dani's 12th Birthday! Come help us celebrate! We would love to see you and Dani would appreciate your presence!

Saturday, July 12th, 7:15-9:45pm

2706 Leslie Ln

San Marcos, TX


  1. 7:15- Arrival
  2. 7:30- Dani Arrives!
  3. 7:40- Swim/Go Outside
  4. 8:45- Cake/Ice Cream
  5. 9:00- Presents
  6. 9:15- Free Time! (Until parents arrive)


This is a SURPRIZE party, so we would love it if you kept it a secret from everyone and especially Dani! We don't want the surprise to be ruined! Thanks!