Come to Mesopotamia!

By: Ava Houser and Maddie Schultz


Mesopotamia is known as the land between two rivers. This is because, it is land that is in fact between two rivers. The two rivers are named Tigris and Euphrates. We have a very fine irrigation system. And we have very much surplus of food because our soil is so fine!


We are polytheist because we believe in more than one god. We believe that the god lives in the ziggurat. A ziggurat is a large temple. Our main god is wind.


We have many achievments, in fact our biggest one might be either cuneiform, which is our type of language, or the calender. If you didn't know, the calender is how we keep trap of time. It's how we know when everything is going to happen. Some other achievements we have made are the invention of the wheel, chariots, sailboats, the wooden plow, the potters wheel, and kitchen ware. We were also the first to study math and astronomy. We also made the first library. So actually, we came up with a lot of the stuff you might use!


We are full of city states! Which basically means that Mesopotamia is a big place, full of self governing citys. So we are basically an empire. And we are hoping to have more people in our empire! And we also have a social structure.
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We trade a ton. We trade almost everything you can trade. When we have alot of food we do things other than farm.

Social Structure

There are lower class middle class and upper class. The people that are in the upper class are kings,priest,goverment officials, and scribes. The people in the middle class are traders,merchants,artisins and fisherman. The people in the lower class are enslaved people,war captives,crimanals and people who can't pay dept.
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