Pay It Forward


Act Of Kindness

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the whole world was kind,well I have and the world would be really different than it is right now.If the whole world is mean then that wouldn't’ be as beautiful then it would if the whole world was kind.If you're being bullied then Pay It Forward.Pay It Forward by being nice and acting kind to people.

Do you sometimes wonder how many bullies there are in the world,hurting people at the park at school also out on the streets.If you are being bullied at school and you say that you don’t want to go to school because if you go you know you'll get bullied.If you are getting bullied then look them in the eye and tell them to stop or hurt them with kindness.If they don’t stop then tell an adult.

There are so many people being bullied right now and those people should stand up for themselves so people don’t have to worry about them and if the bully is still bullying them,then they should tell an adult to solve the problem or go talk to someone like,the school counselor or you can talk to your family,and friends if you are being bullied.

Some people have bad things going on at there house and that person takes it out on a friend or that person bullies someone because there are things going on at there house.Also sometimes those bullies don’t mean to bully someone or to take their anger out at his and/or her friend and they may not mean it.Sometimes the bullies do mean it,but sometimes they purposely do it just to make you mad.

If a bully bullies you that might mean that they got bullied or something went on at there house,that wasn't good.If you are being bullied then STOMP OUT BULLYING!!Stomp Out Bullying by being a bystander and helping other people out with their bully problems that they may have.

Pay It Forward by being nice and helping out other people with their problems.Also Stomp Out Bullying by doing the same thing and also being a bystander to people who are getting bullied.
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