Guidance checklist

By: Shelby Dunn

Steps to avoid over stimulating.

  • Don't watch TV before naptime. With the light coming from the TV makes your brain try and process it and makes it work more than what's needed.
  • Don't play video games. Action, adventure, or drama for long periods of time without a break.
  • Watch what you give the child to eat. Things that have caffeine or high amounts of sugar can make them hyper over stimulating the brain and body.
  • Turn down/off the lights. When the lights are on the brain knows that it is day time and which they should be up but if they lights are off the brain thinks it is time to relax and sleep.
  • Take nap's or just let them lay down and relax. Read a book if they can't go to sleep or turn on low and slow music that doesn't have words so they brain just listens not try's to process the words to the song.