-=+=-The SAT will fix that!-=+=-

What is a SAT?

A SAT is a Speech Arranging Typographer. You plug it in, power it on, and talk into the mic. The words you say will accurately appear on the screen. You can then print it out by saying print out. It is the easiest way to write essays.

In What Situations are the SAT Useful?

The SAT can be useful in many different situations. For instance if you are at work and you need to write a business paper but it takes too long to type it or write it you can use the SAT. If you think that when other people talk the SAT would record it, you would be right normally but SAT has a special quality where if you hold your finger on the power button it will only pick up noise in a 2 meter radius. It can also type in 7 different languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Dutch, Italian, and German.

Where can you buy the SAT?

You will be able to buy the SAT at our new store called Electronica Mucho. That means "much electronics" in Spanish. The SAT and other electronics will be available there.