" I know thy works: behold I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name" REV 3:8

Discouragement over regrets, missed opportunities, closed doors, and over being told "no" is at an all time high. Many people are feeling discouraged today and negative thoughts are pouring into their minds like a rainstorm. We must rebuke discouragement as soon as it raises its ugly head. We must encourage ourselves in the Lord. God is still on the throne and you are who God says you are! You have what He says you have! You will do everything He has set out for you to do!

Don't let the spirit of discouragement talk in your ear any longer. Only listen to the reassuring voice of The Holy Spirit. He will remind you that you don't serve a small God. You serve the King of Kings and what your King has approved for you, no one can disapprove.

There are many times when that ole spirit of discouragement tries to come upon me because of the work I have been called to and this ministry. It is because of recent trials and personal losses of loved ones that I realize the immense pain all different types of people are truly suffering from. Loss of life, lack of finances, and lack of hope. But I am here to proclaim The Good News and the One True Hope these precious people are searching for! Praise God I'm here on the mission field as we speak, thanks to my faithful prayer and financial partners of Jesus Word Ministries, overcoming the obstacles by faith in action! I am so thankful for you, it is you who is helping make a difference here with me!

No man can close a door God has opened for you. What God has spoken to your heart, whispered in your ear, and shown you in HIs Word is all that matters! If I would have laid this calling down long ago because of resistence by the enemy, I cant even fathom how many people I would have missed and had the opportunity to touch and change by the Power of the Holy Spirit working through me! The Spirit is moving in these churches and oprhanages; I give Him all the Glory! Miracles, healings, and deliverances happening daily as the hungry cry out for the Savior they have never met before!

My prayer for you, partner, is that you are encouraged, determined, and persistent! EVERYTHING GOD HAS FOR YOU IS YOURS FOR THE TAKING!

As we prepare our hearts for Ressurection Day, remember the finished work of Calvary done by none other than Jesus Christ himself.

John 15:13 " No greater love than this, than to lay one's life down for his friends"

I covet your continued prayers and support while I am here on the mission field...


Sandra Bell



P.O. BOX 526

KEITHVILLE, LA 71047-0526