February News

Mrs. Eberts' Kindergarten

Literacy and Numeracy this month...

We will focus on listening to and retelling familiar tales. We will discuss characters, setting and the sequence of story events. We will be reading and viewing different versions of; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We will take some time to read some non fiction books and work on recalling facts and sharing what we learn with others. New letters this month are; Aa, Vv, and Kk. We continue to work on creating and identifying rhyme, listening for sounds in words to help us label our pictures and figure out spelling in our Star of the Day writing and practice literacy skills at our learning centers. In Math, we continue to work on and deepen our understanding of patterns, number groups, sorting and 2D shapes. New this month will be the introduction of 3D shapes.

Working at the Computer Lab..

The students have shown good progress learning how to log in to the Chrome base computers. After they get their log in done they have to follow a number of steps to find the class homepage. They are practicing letter recognition, fine motor skills, perseverance and following directions each time we visit the lab.

Valentine Cards...

I will send home a class list of names. Please ensure that you have a Valentine for every child in the class so that there are no hurt feelings. Please help your child with his/her Valentine cards by encouraging them to sign their name. This is great practice and is easiest spread out over a couple of days. Over the years one of the easiest ways to do the cards is to just have your child put their name on and not address it to the other children. This way makes it very easy for the cards to be mailed. Some of the children have difficulty matching up all the names when they go to mail them. If your child wants to address the cards that is fine, too. Valentine cards can come to school on Thursday, February 11th.

Valentine Lunch...

On Thursday, February 11th we would like to celebrate all the great friendships the students have built in the classroom. If you would like to contribute food items, for the lunch, there will be a sign up sheet outside of the classroom on Tuesday. If you are unable to make it in, please email me something you would like to send in. We will do a similar lunch to the one in October with hotdogs, chips, treats, fruit, veggies and juice. As well, we will be looking for 3 volunteers to cook and clean for the lunch. Please email me if you are available. Thank you in advance for all your help!
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Home Reading Program

I am starting a Home Reading Program this month and will send it home next week. Sharing books with your child is an important part of becoming a great reader. This is not a reading program where your child is expected to read but a program to encourage daily reading with your child to help start them off on the road to being a successful reader. From a workshop about language learning and reading, studies show that the most important ingredient of later literacy success is the responsive, interpersonal relationships that occur during reading time. Curling up with a good book and your child is a fantastic way to share a love of literature. Be sure to talk to your child during the reading to make sure they understand/comprehend what is going on. Ask questions about; who are the characters, what is the setting and what is happening in the beginning, middle and end. To add to your reading experience try having your child listen for sound in a word, find letters or sight words they know, make predictions about what will happen next. Kindergarten is all about the beginning connections between sounds, letters and words. If they are already reading some books to you, please be sure to fill that out on the chart, as well.
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Important Dates and Reminders...

February 11 - Bring Valentine cards and Valentine lunch.

February 16/18 - No School - PD day and Teacher's Convention

February 24 - Hot lunch (if ordered)

Thursdays - Don't forget library books

Coming in March:

  • Portfolio walks are happening the second week of March. Watch for an email to sign up later in February.
  • Please return portfolios as soon as possible!

Thank you...

Thank you for all that you do at home to support the students. Thank you for good lunches and healthy snacks. Thank you for dressing your child warmly. Thank you for sending back library books. The students have grown so much and we are very happy to share this amazing year with your children! We couldn't do it without a TEAM effort!
Have a wonderful February and I look forward to another fun month in Kindergarten as we get ready to showcase our learning for March! Remember if you have any questions or concerns, please email or phone or write me a note!



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