The Rosewood Report - Issue 6

Friday 30th April

Dates to remember


Friday 30th - Unit B Gala Day


Friday 6th - Cross Country at school

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Mr G's Good News Gazette

Week 1 update

Welcome back to Term 2!

I hope families had an enjoyable two-week break without any school commitments and your children are refreshed and eager to get into second term.

COVID update

It was nice to have some of our long-standing COVID restrictions eased this week and students and staff are no longer required to wear masks while at school. Children are no longer required to isolate if they have a family member at home with COVID, and can continue attending school. However, any student who is a close contact must wear a mask to school in these circumstances and undertake five rapid tests over the 7 days of the close contact period.

These changes are an encouraging step forward and I'm sure all our students and staff will appreciate these changes.
Despite the easing of restrictions, it's important we continue to minimise risks wherever possible. Wearing of masks is still recommended by the Department, so if your child is comfortable wearing one, we will continue to provide masks at school. We will also continue to distribute RATs for the first four weeks of Term 2. Although voluntary, we encourage students to test twice weekly. Another box of RATs has been sent home with your child today. More than ever, it's important that you keep unwell children at home, even if they test negative for COVID. As the weather gets cooler, it's important that we try our best to keep coughs, colds and illnesses out of our classrooms. The school will continue with many COVID-safe practices to ensure the safety of the Rosewood Downs community. We have deployed another 28 air purifiers into classrooms this week which will be helpful as the weather cools and having all the doors and windows open becomes a bit too chilly!

For the time being, we won't be holding any assemblies indoors with parents in attendance but we will review this as the term progresses whilst monitoring the number of positive cases within our school community.

Early arrivals
Even though we have only been back at school a week, we have seen quite a few students arriving at school very early. Parents need to be aware that there is no adult supervision in our yard prior to 8.45am. Students should ideally not be arriving at school prior to this time. The school offers before school care opening at 7am if you need to drop your child at school early. If your child walks or rides to school, please make sure that they're not leaving home too early and arrive at school at an appropriate time.

Because our before and after school care uses the basketball courts and rear playground for their service, students are not allowed to enter this area of the school before 8.45am. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Cross country next Friday

We're looking forward to holding our cross country at school next week. With easing COVID restrictions, we are very happy to be able to invite parents to attend this outdoor event. Our Grade 3-6 students will race in the morning from about 9.30am and compete to qualify for the district cross country. Our Grade Prep-2 students will participate in a fun run after recess and will be helped by their older buddies. There are further details in Mr Campbell's sports report in this newsletter.

Mother's Day activities

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a Mother's Day stall or run our Mother's Day concert this year due to COVID restrictions for indoor events and activites. However, students will be doing some Mother's Day activities in their classes and Prep-2 students will be performing musical items which will be recorded and shared with parents via Compass. Mrs Chan has been rehearsing with our junior grades and is confident of some great performances to show all our mums how special they are!

Beanie fundraising drive

With the winter months nearly upon us and the cold weather about to hit, we have decided to design and produce our own beanies to sell. In the attached picture you will see our very handsome model, Bradley, wearing the design that we plan to put into production very soon. The beanies will cost $20 each and they are one size fits all. So not only can our students wear them, parents can join in and get a beanie too. It's sure to impress your friends and can be worn to the footy, to work or even out to a high-class restaurant. Although this beanie looks very cool, it will actually keep you warm!!

We will provide information on how to pre-order your beanie coming out next week.

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New front entry landscaping

During the holiday break we spent some time landscaping the gardens at the school entry. We removed the very old shrubs and hedges, filled the beds with fresh garden soil and planted new native shrubs and grasses. This includes lots of Grevilleas which have bright, pretty flowers which will help to attract native birds and insects to the area. We also placed rocks around the outside of the new garden to act as retaining walls and seating for parents who are waiting to collect their children after school. We think it makes the front of the school look much neater and tidier.

Second-hand uniform sale

We will be running a second-had uniform sale at school next Friday 6th May. It will be running on the basketball court during the day while the cross country is on and then will operate at the front gate from 3-4pm.

All items will be available for a gold coin donation. Drop by and pick up some cheap school uniform items. Items for sale are generally in good, clean condition.

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Partnership with Dandenong Learning & Community Centre

A reminder that the school will be partnering with Dandenong Learning and Community Centre and are inviting our families to get involved. DLCC are going to be leading a program within our school which will help to establish and maintain our gardens. We are looking for enthusiastic community members to help create and maintain engaging play spaces for our students. There is no experience necessary! We would like to expand some of our current garden play areas, plant more trees and shrubs and maintain our current gardens.

Please contact the school if you would like to volunteer some time and help keep our school looking beautiful.

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RDPS party people

We had a lot of birthdays fall over the school holidays, so we've got some catching up to do!

The following students have celebrated birthdays in the last month

Prep: Celeste, Zane, Arka, Mason, Rafa, Tahlia, Joshua

Grade 1: Mati, Daris, Leo, Spyros, George, Andre, Adam

Grade 2: William, Andre

Grade 3: Karen, Alhan, Archer

Grade 4: Riya, Shannon, Kai, Ava

Grade 5: Elesha, Ana S

Grade 6: Dev

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Unit A News

After the much needed holiday break the Unit A students have quickly settled back into class routines. We know this is going to be a short term, however, we can assure you it is going to be action packed.

Our Grade 1 students have been learning about using their senses for careful observation. We continue to develop deduction and inference skills in reading groups and are learning about word choice in writing.

In Maths this fortnight we are focussing on counting skills, 2D and 3D shapes, as well as number formation and ongoing number skills.

The Prep students will be introduced to Nursery Rhymes as a fun way of developing their awareness and understanding of rhyming words. This topic lends itself to lots of role play, writing and craft activities. Perhaps you can share your favourite childhood nursery rhymes with your children and enjoy finding rhyming patterns in some of the books you have at home.

We are continuing to do lots of hands on Maths activities to consolidate number and measurement concepts.

On Wednesday we had another successful Buddies session and the students really enjoyed going on a hunt to find objects of a particular colour in the playground. The teachers are hoping to finalise the Buddy matches by next week so the children will have one significant Buddy for the rest of the year.

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Unit C News

We would like to welcome back everyone after the holidays! Both year levels are excited to be back and see their friends again. The Grade 4 students have been excited to change classroom jobs for the term. They have coordinated a seamless handover and are enthusiastic to learn their new roles. The Grade 3 students are in full NAPLAN mode. They are preparing the for the NAPLAN tests that will be held in Week 3 of this term. Good luck Grade 3s!

Unit B News

Unit B was very excited to participate in the first gala sports day for the year. We got very lucky with the weather, narrowly avoiding the predicted wet weather. All our teams competed in the right spirit and represented our school with pride. We fielded teams in netball, tee ball, basketball and football. Well done Grade 5 and 6 students on your efforts!

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Unit D News

It is great to have everyone back at school ready for another busy term! The students have enjoyed engaging in our new kitchen/cafe, and teacher corner stations during Developmental Play. The Grade Two students have begun their Narrative Writing unit on Fairy tales and have been exploring ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The Grade One students have been focusing on word choice where they have enjoyed collecting words that they like.

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Words from the easel

Welcome to term 2!

The Art room is back in full swing with Mother’s day surprises underway! We have some fun and exciting activities planned for this term and I am looking forward to seeing all the creative expression that our students bring!

Update on the SEEN exhibition portrait prize: As many will recall, we had 13 beautiful artworks entered from our awesome students. During the holidays we got word from the gallery that 2 of our students, Fiona Zhou and Areyana Singh from 6R won the primary section for this competition! We are so proud of these girls and all the students who entered! The show will run at the Walker Street Gallery until June so please get along to see it!

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Musical notes

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we will not be having a Mother’s Day Concert this year. However, all children in Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 will be having a Mother's Day song filmed and would love to present their song clips to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Video clips will be sent out via Compass next week.

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

Sports shorts

Unit B District Gala Sports Day 1 – Friday 29th April

Well done to all of the students who competed at Gala Day 1 today. They competed very well and represented our school with good sportsmanship and fair play. Congratulations to all of our teams on their final results.

Thank you to all of the parents and teachers who helped out with our teams. We are now looking forward to our second competition at the start of next term on Friday 15th July. The students will be selecting their preferred sport and training throughout this term. The four sports on offer are; Soccer, Rugby Tag, Fully Loaded Softball and Volleyball.

House Cross Country and Fun Run – Friday 6th May

On Friday 6th May we will finally be able to hold our first House event for the year; the House Cross Country and Fun Run. We are looking forward to welcoming our school community back into the school to support the students.

This is an annual event that celebrates our School House System and Sport program. Students from Grades 3-6 compete in age level races for boys and girls to gain selection in the school team to go through to the District level. Prep to Grade 2 students compete in a Fun Run in grade-level races. All students compete for their House Team and earn points for finishing the race. Students who finish in the top 10 earn extra points depending on their finishing position.

All families are welcome to attend to support the students. Although restrictions have eased, please ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions before attending the event. Parent helpers are needed to make this event run smoothly, so please see Mr Campbell if you are able to assist. Please refer to the attached notice for the details of the event.

Library news

Welcome to Term 2! I’d like to introduce myself as the new Librarian and ask for your help in making your child a lifelong library user! Classes will be participating in many exciting and engaging activities in the library this year, including borrowing sessions and a Book Fair. Currently, the library is getting a bit of a makeover, and the building taking place in the school has included some construction work to the library, which is why there has been a delay in getting students borrowing books again.

The library will be opening for borrowing to all students in a few weeks’ time, but in the meanwhile it would be great if families could have a look at home to see if your child has any Library books that need to be returned. I understand that with the COVID-19 lockdowns over the past few years that borrowing and returning books was a bit tricky, but it would be much appreciated if any books found get returned to the library as soon as possible, so that the books can be enjoyed by other children.

Happy reading!

Miss Olivia Keet

Junior School Council Report

Thank you for supporting the Good Friday Appeal this year by donating gold coin on our annual Hat Parade. We raised $218.70 which will support the Royal Children's Hospital.

A big thank you to everyone who bought an ANZAC day badge for the ANZAC Appeal.

Anita Chan (JSC co-ordinator)

Dad Joke of the week

Last night I burned my Hawaiian Pizza in the oven.

Maybe I should have cooked it on Aloha temperature