America in the 1900's

By: Ian Elder

During World War 1

Espionage Act was passed as the U.S. went into the war. When WW1 can around it was the beginning of the industrial boom and urbanization because of the new industry. U.S. going into the war so quick they were needing supplies. So that meant most companies went to helping the military by making guns, bombs, bullets, etc. Since that all was happening the workers didn't get enough money to help their families and also lost money as a nation since they weren't selling to the public which ended up as being the start of the great depression.

Coming to America

As time went on, immigrants from Europe started to come to america hoping for a better life. the first immigrants here in america were known as the old immigrants. they were able to help america grow easier because they spoke english and had the skills needed to preform jobs in the factories. then a few years later there were the new immigrants who didn't know english or the skills needed for the jobs here and would need to be trained in the job. In result of that america passed the anti- immigration settlement which protected the native americans and the old immigrants because they adapted easily to america society.