Preparing for Techno Expo

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Getting Ready to Present

Congratulations on your upcoming presentation! Please take the time to review this resource to better prepare for your Techno Expo presentation.


  1. How do I access my presentation? Each student is responsible for accessing their digital presentation. This can be done many ways, such as storing work in Google Drive or in Google Sites ePortfolio.
  2. What technology will be provided? Dell laptops will be provided in each presentation room. Students will use this device to access their digital presentation.
  3. How long is my presentation? 10 minutes
  4. Should I dress professionally? Yes, Sunday best or business attire is expected for student presenters.
  5. Who can I invite? Feel free to invite your parents, family members, and teachers. (A printable invitation is linked on this page.)
  6. Can I watch other presentations? Absolutely! You and your guests are highly encouraged to attend other student presentations.
  7. When is my presentation time? Presentation times can be found by visiting the event app, Please revisit the app for possible room or time slot changes.

Next Steps

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Invitation to Share with Family and Friends

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NISD Techno Expo

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 5:30-8pm

Northwest High School, Texan Drive, Justin, Texas, United States

Campus: Northwest High School

For more information, please visit