Careers in Geography

By: Azmat, Arjun and Yonis

The field of Geography

The field of Geography is many options and potential careers for geography majors.

Careers in geography

Teacher- a geography teacher requires additional education in geography

Demographer- a population geographer

Cartographer- creates maps

Climatologist- studies climate


Demographers study how populations behave and factors that affect well-being. They study populations in terms of marriage fertility, migration and mortality. Immigration, emigration, birth rates and death rates are demographics. Demographic research affects the aspects of society; housing, education, health care and business. To become a demographer you'll need a degree in demography, statistics, economics or geography. Demography is a specialty within sociology. Demographers are employed in research and work for federal, state or local governments. The median annual salary was $74, 960.


Every time you pull out a map when you look for direction you never stop to think how someone put all these places on said map but the person who did just saved you from getting lost. You have cartographers to thank for all the maps and GPS systems you use. You may wonder where do these people work, do they sail around the world?, do they use satellite imaging well the answer some these guys sit at home all day on their computer others in government departments doing the same on their computers. The places these people work can vary for no reason at all as long as they have the skills require. Now you probably started wondering “What skills does one need become a cartographer, well being one isn’t a walk in the park if you aren’t a computer nerd or computer expert. You need to be very good with computers and if filing isn’t you’re cup of tea forget about being a cartographer. The same goes for if you’re not polite because there are a lot of big shots out there who will call you up and say “Hey man what’s up oh yeah you got x place wrong on y part of the map.” You will have to politely solve the issue if you have an interest in maps and are a very polite computer expert maybe you should look into this job.

Secondary school teachers

Teachers prepare and deliver lessons to students for different ages and different abilities. They mark work (ie. assignments. etc) give feedback, and maintain the students progress. They supervise and manage students behaviour in the classroom as well as on school grounds. They communicate with parent/guardians over students progress and behaviour.

They encourage students in their studies. They demonstrate good citizenship and respect to all students. They help students complete their education plans and keep watch of their school performance and progress toward their career goals. What is needed to become a high school teacher is a 4 years of post secondary education so that you can get a Bachelors degree. You must also have the right personal characteristics, which are: must enjoy working around teenage students, must have discipline abilities, must be willing to work after and before school hours, must be responsible and trustworthy, must be patient with dealing with students with different abilities.

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